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The best time to meet with me is 1-2 months before you are ready to sell. This gives me time to help you prepare the home for sale and create the perfect marketing plan. The earlier we meet, the quicker we can start promoting your home to potential buyers.

I am always prepared to have your home on the market in under 24 hours, if need be. I know things don't always go as planned.

If you find your dream home first without an accepted offer on your home, sellers may not take your offer seriously or even entertain it at all. If you buy a home and have trouble selling yours you could end up owning two properties, or even worse lose out on your dream home.

On the other hand - if you sell your home first without finding your next home, you could be at risk of being without a home for a period of time which would then incur the additional costs of storage and temporary accommodations.

The solution is to put your home on the market first, and start shopping - if a buyer for your home comes quickly we can negotiate you time to find your next home. If your find your dream home first the seller will now be able to see your home on the market and know you are serious about moving.

Every situation is unique, we'll design a plan to protect your interests and put you in the best position possible to negotiate both your sale and purchase, without the risk of owning two homes.

We always suggest you have your home inspected by a professional home inspector prior to listing it for sale. It's much better to know about any issues in your home before the buyer finds out.

When you have your own inspection you have a chance to either repair the problems or disclose them to potentials buyers. Having an inspection report available for buyers to review will give them confidence in offering you the best price for your home.

You should complete all outstanding repairs that may turn a potential buyer away. Homes in need of repairs typically get low-ball offers. Mechanical systems and utilities should be serviced and inspected. All plumbing, electrical fixtures, and included appliances should be in good working order. Damaged walls, floors, and trim should be repaired. During our in-home visit I will complete a room-by-room walk through to identify and correct potential concerns.

A profesional home stager's job is very different from a decorator or designer. A home stager is trained in buyer behaviour and will work with you to maximize your home's appeal. In our experience, professionally staged homes sell for significantly more than un-staged homes. For the small upfront cost, you can yield huge returns.



I'll design a custom marketing plan based on the condition of your home, the ideal target buyer, and your goals. We know that most home buyers will start their search online - so we'll ensure your property is listed on our MLS (Multiple Listing Service) service.

Your plan will also include professional photography, and possibly newspaper advertising, social media and a virtual tour. All of that, along with my 28+ years of experience, brings with it a vast referral network of not only buyers but other agents in town and out, who may be searching for a property just like yours. My marketing approach will put your home in front of the most active buyers in your market area.

I am 100% dedicated to achieving your goals.

I've helped hundreds of local families. I am always dedicated to results. Sell Faster, Buy Smarter...because who you work with really does make a difference!



Here's a few tips to help sell your home faster:

1) Your home is a product: Don't look at it as your anymore. Ask 'What would someone else think'
2) Thoroughly CLEAN the entire house and don't forget about the outside: Clean, Prune, Landscape
3) First impressions are important. Your front entrance way is the first thing a buyer will see.
4) De-clutter every room. That might mean renting a storage unit to temporarily store excess belongings.
5) Re-arrange furniture to best highlight the rooms size and features.
6) Let the best parts of a rom shine - clear hardwood floors of carpets, focus on feature walls etc.
7) Keep the home either cool or heated depending on the season to help during open houses and home viewings.
8) Have pets or other potential dour causing concerns? Ensure your home smells fresh and clean.
9) Psychological cues that make a potential home buyer feel like their home are important. Baking cookies, playing soft music, and adding additional visual cues to your home can help.
10) Lighting plays a part. Open drapes, natural light is best. Make sure all lights are functioning and have good working bulbs.
11) Clean and fresh helps sell a home faster: Fresh towels, made beds and clean throw rugs are a must. Fix any small repairs, including leaky faucets, squeaky doors, and loose door handles.
12) Consider a professional home-stager if needed. The small extra expense can significantly help in the sale of your home.

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